Montreal Preschool Program


Kindergarten is a big step for your child. Most parents will agree it's a big step for them, too. At Tiny Hands Learning Center, we aim to ensure that it is a step both you and your child can take with confidence. Our preschool program aims to help prepare your child for the big world of kindergarten, and the years beyond. Social awareness and development is a big part of the program, one that has a big impact on your child's readiness for the upcoming school years.


Through our Montreal preschool program, your child will be encouraged to solve basic puzzles through exploration, deduction and, of course, play time. With the support of our loving and caring daycare providers, your child will learn what kindergarten is all about. Parents are amazed at how easy the transition from our facility to kindergarten has been for their child.


Through our preschool program, your child will be encouraged to hone and develop the following skills:

  • Kindergarten Preparation: letters, words, numbers, story time, reading.
  • Advanced Creativity: arts and crafts, music, story making.
  • Social: working in groups, helping others, advanced interaction with kids and adults.
  • Physical: dancing, outdoor play time, physical activity.


At Tiny Hands Learning Center, we understand that your preschooler is still a little child, with tons of curiosity and enough energy to play all day. This is why we strive to present all of these developmental activities in a way that your child can understand: through games and fun. You will be amazed at how much learning your child can do while having the time of his or her life.


Our dedicated Montreal daycare providers also ensure that they keep track of your child's progress and will provide you with daily reports, including what they have learned and how they have behaved. These will help you in understanding your child's progress and might even put your mind at ease when the time to start kindergarten is near.


For more information on our preschooler program, or if you would like to visit our Egg Harbor Township daycare center and meet our daycare providers, please do not hesitate to call or visit us on location. We are always happy to offer parents a tour, and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.